Our main service is video editing. We can produce videos for DVD, Media Player, Real One Player, Flash, and AVI. The software we use is a nonlinear editing program by Avid with high definition capability suitable for television production. Transitions, text, special effects, slow motion, and custom graphics are used to enhance video. Royalty free music and voice-over narration may also be used. We can come to you for videotaping, or use your video in Mini-DV format.

photography by Korczynksi

Additional editing time may increase your fees:

  • Transferring VHS to DVD

  • VHS video enhancement or repair

  • Converting files from one format on DVD to file formats for editing

  • Searching through hours of customer video tapes

  • Obtaining copyright permission from other video or photography companies

  • Custom photo enhancing

  • Photo scanning ($10.00 per scan)

  • Shipping and packaging

  Travel and other expenses: If you need my assistance on your farm or location for filming, I can travel. I will make every effort to get there at a reasonable time for you. A filming session on location for horses is $100.00 per hour. Travel by land is $.45 cents per mile. Hotel, meals, airfare, and rental car must also be provided when applicable.

  Stallion videos start at $750.00. Package includes, but is not limited to: up to 10 minutes of video, master DVD, 5 copies, a label design, custom non-linear editing, detailed graphics, text, transitions, photo album, slow motion, effects, and royalty free music. Customers are welcome to ask for a larger project if needed. A web stream stallion video project is also available, usually starting at $450.00 for 3 minutes of detailed editing.

  Foals may be added to stallion projects or created in a project on their own. Price will be determined by the type of video material and how many horses to be included. Offspring video photo albums are also great for your stallion DVD.

 Horses for sale projects include text, graphics, transitions, slow motion, pedigree information and royalty free music for a professional presentation. DVD videos up to 7 minutes are usually $250.00. Stream videos are wonderful marketing tools for instant access to potential buyers. Web stream videos for your own web site start at $250.00 for 2 minutes. Prices vary according to the time, editing details, and file size. 

  Streaming is a fast, efficient way to get your horses seen by potential customers. A good quality video online eliminates the expense and time in mailing DVD’s. Check out our video page for samples. All you need to do is bring customers to your professional web page. At the click of a mouse they will see all the wonderful things you have to offer, including other horses or services you have. This is a professional presentation for your videos. Some customers with dial-up internet service may have trouble viewing large video files, but most libraries have computer access available. 

  DVD Labels and Copies are available if you need this service. DVD label design is $100.00 set-up charge. Finished DVD’s with labels are $10.00 each if you already have a label on file. Printing for large orders is sent to a commercial printer and price depends on the media type and quantity.

  Specialty videos for Motorsports and television will be priced according to the project. These projects can vary from 30 second commercials to 20 minute sponsorship videos. Therefore prices will need to be estimated on a case by case basis.

  Marketing Brochures can be created in a file for printing and binding. Set-up, research, and composition starts at $450.00. We send projects to commercial printers. Printing prices are determined by quantity.

 Hero Cards are large post cards designed especially for Motorsports professionals to hand out to fans at the race track. It is a great way to introduce your racing team to the spectators. This attracts more traffic to your pit area and thus creates an atmosphere that potential sponsors like to see. Usually team, car photo, and sponsor information is on the front in full color. The back is black and white or partial color with the team and car information. This is a key marketing tool that is easy to transport, display and distribute. Basic design without custom artwork starts at $200.

  Business Cards The set-up charge is $100.00. Prices are quoted based on the number of cards to be created.



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